Sustainable Resource Management - Master

Mandatory Internship

Please note, that we need about 4 to 6 weeks to check your reports and the required documents - sometimes even longer, if there are papers missing or your report has to be reworked.

Contact us if you would like to validate internships.
Starting with winter semester 2021/22 the internship has to be completed during your course of study !
Part-time internships like working student jobs have to cover a minimum of 20 working hours per week !
E-Mail: praktikum.forst.srm@paw.bayern.de


Detailed information on your mandatory internship !
Presentation 27.11.2023

SRM info presentation 27.11.2023 pdf 1,9 MB

Internship - report guidelines
How to write your report!

SRM report guidelines pdf 55 KB


Before starting the internship please send us your contract by email. If you choose a part-time internship (working students, min. 20 hours/week) we need a summary of your planned tasks and a confirmation from the employer that the work is equivalent to a regular internship. Send these documents with your contract.

After having finished your internship please send us your report (10 pages) with cover sheet and your confirmation of completion as a single coherent pdf-document by email.

Please fill in forms after download and mail to:
E-Mail: praktikum.forst.srm@paw.bayern.de

Internship - report - digital short version
only necessary if you started until winter semester 19/20

Internship - report - digital short version pdf 193 KB

Leave of Absence
Your recommendation letter for a leave of absence will be issued by SRM coordination.

SRM coordination - Leave of Absence Externer Link